Everything You Need to Know about Traditional Kitchen

One of the basic questions you will encounter at the time of kitchen remodeling is the style of kitchen you need to choose. There are three different kitchen styles to choose from, such as:

  • Traditional Kitchen
  • Modern or Contemporary Kitchen
  • Shaker Kitchen

While each style has its own distinct features that gets them their loyal fan following, a traditional kitchen is timeless and one that never goes wrong. A traditional kitchen is almost synonymous to flexibility and versatility and brings about a sense of warmth, relaxation and security. If you are one of those who do not intend to redesign their kitchen every few years, a traditional kitchen is your best bet since it’s timeless and will never go out of fashion!

Let’s discuss some of the most common features of a traditional kitchen that define its style. These will help you determine if this is the right style of kitchen for you.

Features of a Traditional Kitchen

Shaker kitchen with traditional touch

Incorporation of a neutral, classic color palette

When juxtaposed with a contemporary kitchen that uses bold, cool and crisp colors, a traditional kitchen is characterized by the use of a neutral color palette. Shades like beige, creams, grays, greens, pastels and deep cherries are popularly used to add warmth to complete the look of a traditional kitchen. Further, the wood is finished with a glaze to give a distressed or an aged look making the kitchen feel like a timeless classic!

Incorporation of natural lights

Traditional Kitchen with Natural Lights
Source: Pinterest | Traditional Kitchen with Natural Lights

A traditional kitchen popularly incorporates natural lights in its design scheme. This helps to illuminate the kitchen naturally, all during the day, without having to use any artificial source of lighting. As the natural light increases or decreases during the day, it directly influences the look and feel of the kitchen as well. Most of the traditional kitchens boast of a window over-the-sink or a bay window for this purpose.

Use of natural materials

As compared to contemporary kitchens that make use of man-made materials such as concrete and metal to complete the look, a traditional kitchen mostly relies on natural materials such as wood and stones for the detailing of a room. It is the imperfections of these natural materials that add warmth and class to a traditional kitchen. And the warmth radiated by a traditional kitchen has always been regarded as the USP of this style of kitchen.

Use of decorative accessories

Shaker Cabinets with Crown Moulding
Courtesy: Pinterest | Shaker Cabinets with Crown Moulding

Attention to detailing is the forte of traditional kitchens and that is manifested by the use of decorative accessories. There are several ways that are used to add flair to these kitchens such as decorative crown molding, embellished pieces, corbels, and wainscoted islands. Every corner of a traditional kitchen is adorned with decorative accessories and architectural design that enhance its final look. It is this feature that sets it apart from the modern style of kitchens that are known to be minimalistic and simple.

Decorative lighting to make a statement

Shaker Cabinets with Decorative Lighting
Courtesy: Pinterest | Shaker Cabinets with Decorative Lighting

One of the easiest and the instant ways to add a visual appeal to the space is by adding decorative lights. Chandeliers and lantern-style lights are the most popular choices that add warmth and style to the kitchen at the same time. The right way of adding a perfect decorative lighting is to decide on them during the designing and planning process of the kitchen itself.

Use of luxurious countertop materials

dark brown shaker kitchen cabinets
Courtesy: Granite Transformations Blog

A countertop can add a dash of color to any dull kitchen and when a traditional kitchen design is in question, luxurious materials like Quartz and Granite are a popular choice. They complement the soft look and add a hint of luxury to the space.

Use of natural materials in flooring

Natural materials such as tiles, patterned stones and stained hardwood are used over laminates in the flooring of a traditional kitchen.

Use of simple Backsplash

A traditional kitchen makes use of a simple backsplash that looks uncluttered and highly functional. Since there are enough decorative accessories and lightings in the space already, a colorful, patterned and a busy backsplash is given a skip. A Corian backsplash with a solid surface can be your best.

Custom Range Hoods

Another feature that adds a new dimension to the design of any traditional kitchen is the Custom Range Hoods. There is a varied class of hoods that is used to create a focal point in these kitchens, these include wooden hoods, ornate metal hoods, carved stone or plaster hoods.

Use of accent cabinet doors

The cabinetry style can basically define the overall look of a kitchen. While modern kitchens rely on simple and minimalistic looks in terms of cabinetry, a traditional kitchen uses kitchen cabinets that are high on style. For this reason the use of Inset Shaker Cabinets or Inset Kitchen Cabinets is avoided since they are very simple in terms of design.

The use of Vintage Raised Panel or a classic raised panel style is popular in a traditional kitchen. Another great idea to add beauty to the design of traditional kitchen is to replace solid door fronts with a glass door. This instantly adds to the visual appeal of the space since one also gets a chance to display the decorative dinnerware and other fancy items of a cabinet.

Cabinets with Glazed or Antique finish

Skipping the most natural looks for cabinets, the kitchen cabinets in a traditional kitchen make use of glazed or antique finish combined with a color palette that is most neutral. Some of the most popular choices include the use of white or off-white color to give the feel of an open space.

A kitchen is like your personal style statement that reflects much more than your personality. Thus, when choosing a style of kitchen, remember to discover who you are, rather than which style is right or wrong. Since it’s not about a right style or a wrong style, it’s about your style!!

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