Simple Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

It’s true that a battery with higher milliampere hours gives an extended as well as considerable power back up to a smartphone but an improved battery life is not merely about numbers. Rather it depends on how wisely and judiciously a smartphone user is using it.

Here are some simple and easy ways to enhance your smartphone battery life in order to experience a better smartphone experience.

Reduce the Brightness of the Screen

More than any other components of your smartphone, it’s the display that mostly affects the battery life. The higher the resolution the faster will be the power consumption. But that doesn’t not mean we would cease to enjoy our large vibrant display rather we can take some simple and easy steps to manage our display in order to save our batteries from draining. When the brightness level is high the battery tend to use more of its energy. So reduce the brightness level to the lowest possible point but without compromising on the comfort of your eyes. Keep it at a point where it balances both. The phones with auto-brightness feature automatically controls the brightness but in the absence of this feature you can always do it yourself to extend the battery life.

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Turn the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Off

For many of us, staying hands-free is essential in order to have an improved smartphone experience. The role of Bluetooth devices has thus become indispensable. When the Bluetooth is on it’s on a constant search for signals and it definitely uses the battery for this. So when you are not using any Bluetooth devices simply turn it off to save the battery. Like wise you must turn-off the Wi-Fi when you’re beyond the Wi-Fi Internet access or coverage. Keeping it on for hours when you are not using it for anything means nothing rather it drains the battery to a larger extent.

Don’t Leave Apps Running in the Background

There’s probably not a single smartphone in the market that doesn’t boasts of its multi-tasking capability. Despite of the fact that it uses a large portion of battery life, one would simply not appreciate a smartphone if it doesn’t allow them to perform multitasking. So in order to get the best of both worlds, you need to stop the unnecessary apps from running in the background that consume the battery for no good reason. Killing those idle apps from the background reduces the processor’s load as well as battery consumption.

Keep the Screen Timeout Short

Managing the screen’s sleep mode can also save Battery. Go to the setting=> Display=> Sleep and set the screen timeout duration to the shortest available time. Ideally it should be 30 seconds or less.

Disable the Location detecting Apps

The smartphone applications that use GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile data to detect your current location helps drain the battery more often. So unless you need to use the function you must disable it by going to the setting option and add some extra hours to the battery.

Don’t Put Your Phone on Vibrating Mode

Vibration mode consumes more power as compared to the ringing mode because it takes a good deal of motor running to shake the entire smartphone. So if you don’t want any distraction from caller tunes lower down the ringing volume. You can set it to a point where it’s audible yet less distracting.

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