Questions They Would Never Forget To Ask In Bank Interviews

For many of you who think interview is a hard nut to crack, preparing yourselves with the answers to some simple questions would surely help you break the ice.

Ever since the IBPS has started conducting bank entrance examinations and interviews on behalf of all the 19 public sectors banks, there has been a dramatic change in the pattern of both the written and the interview test. This change in particular has been put forth to shortlist the bests out of lakhs of banking aspirants. Candidates now have to be at their best in both aptitude and attitude. An aptitude scored well above the cut off marks and an attitude well wore, are all you have to have in combination to get a call from the bank you’ve ever dreamt of working in.

For many of you who think interview is a hard nut to crack, preparing yourselves with the answers to some simple questions would surely help you break the ice.

Self-Introduction with Educational Qualification

Self-introduction is usually the very first question in almost all the bank interviews. While this sounds like the easiest of all questions, this can be extremely tricky. Knowing yourself is one thing, but expressing yourself to the interview in a stress environment in quite another thing. Therefore, you need to prepare well in advance to deal with question most effectively to create the very first impression.

A short and simple answer in a sober voice and pitch definitely nurtures their interest in you. You can start with your name and tell them where you are from, what your parents do, but you don’t need to elaborate every minute details since there’s a time constraint.
Ideally, a good self-introduction should include information related to your latest qualification, family background, and your hobbies. It helps to maintain an assertive tone throughout the self-introduction.

What Makes You Choose Banking Sector?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for the candidates in a banking job interview, regardless of their education background. Here, you need to fine tune your knowledge regarding the services that banks offer.

Write down what jobs they perform, what are the contributions of banks to the economy and how they cater to the financial needs of the people and how banking service is the best career option for you because your qualification and personality can best reflect through nothing but banking when it comes to helping the financial obligations of the people.

But hold on, you can definitely impress the interviewers no doubt with all such lip services but trust me honesty is the best policy because the truth is never unknown to the interviewers. Nobody chooses banking with a sole motive of social service rather it’s the need and urgency of achieving one’s own financial independence so that one can stay content and gain social approval to a certain extent. So take a turn and dare to be honest with this question in front of interviewers that too with a little twist.

For example, it could be like “to be honest I have chosen banking as my career because of two reasons. First of all, it gives me a job with financial independence and security so that I can sustain on my own and support my family. Secondly I always wanted a job that would give me a platform to do something for the society .banking as a career certainly accomplishes both the reasons because by extending financial aid to the needy section of the society I can definitely put help in alleviating current economic scenario.”

What Do You Do When You Get Free Times Or What Are Your Hobbies?

Your hobbies do reflect your personality. The interviewers with years of experience are good enough to catch it if you have a number of hobbies to start with ,better be cautious and put forward one or two hobbies wisely and make sure your at least know who sir Bradman is if you are cricket fan. Also consider they might ask you anything on your hobbies. Failing which might get them a bad impression on you.

How do You Explain Your Strength and Weakness?

In reality, it’s insane not to have any weaknesses. So do not end up singing your own praises and become a subject of laughter. The motive behind this question is to test your own psychoanalysis. So you should explain your strengths and weaknesses in such a way that doesn’t sound artificial or made up. For instance, you can mention stubbornness as one your weaknesses which can help you overcome the usual challenges in work life.

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