The Lonely Man and Cats

The poem tells us a story. It’s about a man who used to live alone for many years until he met two kittens that came to give him a furry companion.

The man who lives alone

Would never say how he felt

Perhaps a decade has passed and

he has been managing self.

The man who lives alone

Never says he’s happy or sad

Unless it makes a sense to him

He’d barely speak a word.

The man who lives alone

Is a lover of so many things

Camera, colors, music, and books

Are only a few in the list.

The man who lives alone

Would strum guitars at nights

Sometimes he would just grab a book

And read to make things right.

The man who lives alone

Once went to mend his shoes

Without putting a lock on the door

That  helped two kittens get through.

The man who lives alone

When got back to his home

The kittens were taking a peaceful nap

The cookies he had were gone.

The man who lives alone

Was upset with what they did

But the innocent faces of  these furballs

Were just enough to heal.

He went a little close

The kittens were now awake

They looked at him and yawned

But never tried to run away.

The man who lived alone for years

Is no more a lonely man

For the kittens have become his cutesy friends

who keep him company and warm.

By Meera Santoshi

I'm an ambitious writer who loves writing for hobbies.