My First Shot at Baking Cake

When I tasted that piece of yummy cake sent by my house owner yesterday morning, I instantly decided to make some on my own. Did I succeed? Read on to find out.

These days, I’m tuning into Star World HD to watch the reality show, MasterChef USA and I have to admit that I’m getting kind of addicted to it. It’s one of the most exciting reality shows I’ve seen in a long time and guess what – it’s stirring up my passion for plate and kitchen all over again.

There’s something about this reality show, the judges and participants – it’s an exciting 60-minute adrenalin pumping affair that glorifies cooking, making you fall in love with it big time.

Thanks to MasterChef, I’ve been feeling inspired to try out some new dishes in my kitchen.

When I tasted that piece of yummy cake sent by my house owner yesterday morning, I instantly decided to make some on my own.

I shopped around a little to bring all the ingredients required for it on my way back from office and within a while, I was all set in the kitchen to bake the first sponge cake of my life. It was getting exciting.

Before I get started, I called my mom just to let her know about my first shot at backing a cake. She is all ears when her daughter talks about kitchen. She is a great cook but a cake is something she bakes almost never. She wished me luck and then we got off the phone so I could pursue my baking endeavor.

I started with blending Maida, butter, sugar, a pinch of salt, baking powder and vanilla essence together to make a thick batter while taking extra care of the amount and proportion in which they were supposed to be blended.

I was in an inner super trance and I was rushing through the steps as if I’d been baking it under the strict observation of Gordon Ramsay. There was an exhilarating whiff around the kitchen that kept me on my toes until I was done with it. And I could almost visualize a palate tickling brown soft cake coming out of the microwave.

Science says that our senses are connected with memories. Some fragrances, in particular, leave an impact on the emotional part of our brain. It’s like our nose has a knack of sniffing in the nostalgia.

It was probably the fragrance of vanilla that brought back some memories as I began stirring it. It took me back to my childhood and reminded me of how my aunt would bring cakes on her visits to our home. Me and my brother would always have to resist our temptation until mom opened the packet and served it in plates for us. How delighted we’d feel with each bite melting in our mouth.

Gosh, those wonderful moments of childhood I would always be longing for.

Back to baking – it’s good to be lost in memories while stirring the batter for a cake. The more you stir, the fluffier it gets. My batter was ready to get into the heat. I spread it on the baking tray and put it inside the micro wave, keeping my fingers firmly crossed as I anxiously awaited the results of my culinary skills.

Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment when it took it out of the oven. The first piece of cake I’d ever baked did not even look like a cake in any shape or form let alone taste like one. I felt sorry for myself when my mom called up to know how my baking adventure had turned out.

But it hardly mattered because things can go wrong at times. You can’t help it. You just need to keep trying. No wonder this was my first and I am not going stop giving a shot at it again.

I enjoyed the process nevertheless and it was a learning curve. More importantly, I smelled the memories and took a nostalgic ride to my childhood.

Thanks for being with me and my story till the end! Hope you enjoyed it!

By Meera Santoshi

I'm an ambitious writer who loves writing for hobbies.

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